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Welcome to Planet Nogales

Welcome to Planet Nogales
Bienvenidos a Planeta Nogales

Direct from the unique world of Ambos Nogales - the border cities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora 

The Legend - Paul Bond Boots
Years ago, movie stars like John Wayne and Gene Autry would come to Nogales to visit their friend Paul Bond and be measured for a pair of world-famous, handmade Paul Bond Boots. Today, the legend and tradition continue in Nogales, Arizona as celebrities and entertainers from Aerosmith to the Zac Brown Band come to Nogales to order their custom-made Paul Bond Boots. See more photos of this local landmark on Virtual Nogales and visit their website.

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Nogales library park Nogales watercolor by B Waldon  
Pancho Villa on horseback

Welcome to Planet Nogales, a site dedicated to the unique character of the cross-border communities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora.

The twin cities are also known as "Ambos Nogales," which means "both Nogales." Since their establishment in the late 1800's, the cities have grown in similar and different ways. 

And despite the fact that these twin cities are in different countries and separated by a border fence and federal officials, they share strong historic, cultural and personal bonds.

The greater Nogales area has been called a "third country," where original inhabitants and adventurous Anglo settlers had banded together in defense against Apache raids.  Largely because of the remoteness of the area, these international bonds were then strengthened by cooperative efforts, as interrelationships based on economic and cross-border family ties deepened the sense of uniqueness and community. 

To us, it's that and more - a planet all its own.
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Nogales library park

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The Planet Nogales website is a city page for Nogales Arizona and its cross-border sister city of Nogales Sonora Mexico. The term "planet Nogales" is intended to exemplify the uniqueness of the border region that encompasses the two Nogaleses of Nogales Arizona and Nogales Mexico. The Planet Nogales web page is really a city page for Nogales Arizona, with information for visitors and residents alike, about Nogales Arizona hotels and Nogales Arizona motels, Nogales Arizona restaurants and other Nogales Arizona and Nogales Sonora border eateries, Nogales Arizona and Nogales Sonora places of interest to visitors and historians, Nogales Arizona crime alerts, Nogales Arizona events and Nogales Arizona news, listings of Nogales Arizona service providers and Nogales Arizona stores that sell a variety of goods, and entertainment to be found in Nogales Arizona. In addition to all of the information you need to have about Nogales Arizona, Planet Nogales also has an abundance of helpful and useful information about visiting their sister city to the south, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Are you looking for an excellent Nogales Mexico dentist that will only charge a fraction of the price that an American dentist will? Or perhaps you would like to buy some inexpensive and tax-exempt duty free goods in Nogales Arizona or Nogales Mexico, like cigarettes, other tobacco products, liquors, perfumes and other tax-free luxury items? Or maybe you are simply seeking a deal on Nogales pharmaceutical products, prescription medicines that are exactly the same as those you currently take, but at much lower prices that you pay even with a pharmacy insurance discount? Then look to Planet Nogales for all of the information you need regarding Nogales Arizona and Nogales Mexico duty free products, Nogales Mexico dentists and dental clinics, Nogales Mexico medicines and pharmaceutical products, Nogales Mexico food, dining and fine cuisine, and of course Nogales Mexico fun and pleasure, from the finest places in Nogales Mexico to eat and drink, Nogales Mexico dance clubs and bars, and other places to find personal satisfaction and pleasure in Nogales Mexico. Planet Nogales welcomes you to Nogales, have a great time here! 
Lodging in Nogales, Arizona

Map of All Nogales, Arizona Lodging Options

Mariposa Road

Grand Avenue

Bed and Breakfasts

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In Memoriam

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry, 40, who valiantly gave his life in service to his country on Thursday, December 16, 2010.


Agent Terry was part of BORTAC, an elite tactical team that was tracking criminals who had been attacking groups of immigrants near Rio Rico when he was wounded in a firefight with the villains and
succumbed to his wounds.


We honor his courage, service and sacrifice.

Let's Demand that Justice Be Fast and Furious

For the Terry family, and for our society

It appears that government officials and employees encouraged and allowed, and even participated, in the sale and transfer of deadly automatic and semi-automatic weapons into the hands of domestic and international criminals, and terrorists. And that they then tried to cover up the entire operation. 

When an honest agent came forward to report the allegedly illegal actions, those involved with the operation attempted to discredit, demote and ruin him.

Two of the weapons from this government fracaso were found at the scene where agent Terry was killed. Whether or not one of them killed him, they're not saying.


If there is even a scintilla of truth in those charges, this is something that we as citizens cannot forgive or ignore.



We must demand that justice be served, and that everyone involved in the operation  with any hint of knowledge or culpability be charged and tried, starting with obstruction of justice, in addition to illegal arms trafficking, and aiding and abetting crimes committed (which includes those may be committed in the future) with those weapons.

And that includes anyone in the chain of command with knowledge of the program who had the ability to stop the program, but did not.



Because regardless of what they may think, employees of the federal government are not above the law.



That’s our opinion – what do you think? Contact us with your comments.

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