Video of Calle Internacional in Nogales, Mexico, where the body of
American Richard Miller was found. Source: Hiram Gonzalez Machi

Body Found Near Apartment with Throat Cut 

Feb. 6 Update: We previously reported that his hands and feet had been cut off during the assault, but they had been amputated at an earlier time.

February 4, 2017

Nogales Mexico media are reporting that 74-year-old American senior citizen Richard Miller was killed outside of his apartment on Saturday, just across the border in Nogales, Mexico. Reportedly his throat had been cut during the assault.

Miller had previously been a performing musician. He was a scooter-bound quadruple amputee lived in an apartment on Calle Internacional, the street that runs along the Nogales international border fence. His body was found outside, near the apartment.

He had been interviewed in February 2015 by Nogales, Mexico reporter Cesar Barron. During the interview he told Barron that he enjoyed living in Nogales, and that the people there were very nice. He laughingly said that he considered himself to be a “white Mexican.” (see video below).

Calle Internacional, which connects from the west to the Nogales, Mexico border tourism district, is in an area known for active smuggling of drugs and humans.

Video of Richard Miller by Cesar Barron N.