Northbound Traffic Increase from April 8 until Easter


Friday, April 7, 2016 is the last day of school for children in Nogales and other parts of Sonora, ahead of the annual Semana Santa (Holy Week) spring vacations. It is a very popular time for families to head to the coast, or go to the U.S. to visit relatives and go shopping.

As a result, starting on Saturday, April 8 the Nogales international vehicular and pedestrian ports of entry will experience higher than normal, to crushing, levels of northbound traffic. The increased volume of border crossers will continue through Holy Week, to Easter.

So, be aware that if you plan to cross the Nogales international border to visit Nogales, Mexico, your return trip will likely involve waiting in long lines to cross back into Nogales, Arizona.

This does not mean that you should avoid Nogales, just be aware of the situation and be prepared to be patient while waiting in line.