Video of Haitian Refugees by MegaNoticias Nogales

Group of Haitians Seeking Work in U.S.

October 21, 2016

The Sonoran newspaper El Imparcial reported that on Wednesday, October 19 the first groups of Haitian immigrants arrived in Nogales. They are part of a wave of tens of thousands of Haitians who fled the island nation following the disastrous earthquake of 2010 and settled in Brazil, who are now making their way north to attempt to enter the United States.

Reporters from El Imparcial were on the scene as Mexican officials escorted a group of 15 Haitians (mostly men) to the pedestrian border crossing at the DeConcini Port of Entry in downtown Nogales. Others had already crossed the border.

One of the members of the group confirmed that they were from Haiti and were crossing the border into the United States to look for work. They hoped that, rather than having to seek asylum, that they would be able to get work permits and start working. They had chosen Nogales as a crossing point because it was the border crossing closest from where they had arrived in Mexico.

The group declined further interviews.