Arts, Music, Culture, Classic Cars and Border Protests

October 7, 2016

Now that the summer rains and heat have passed and the weather in Nogales is bien agradable (very comfortable), the season for fall events has begun.

This weekend will be filled with opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather on the Nogales border as you learn about native Sonoran cultures, enjoy traditional music and dance, see classic cars or participate in a remembrance vigil or protest march.

Unidos por el Arte

This is the first installment of this international arts and cultural festival, which will feature an art exhibit at the Nogales Art Museum and street concerts on Avenida Obregon. Read more.

4th Magno Evento Mayo – Yaqui

Take some time to stroll a few blocks south on Avenida Obregon (there’s lots to see along the way) to Plaza Hidalgo, where you can enjoy the 4th annual “Great Event” where you can learn about and experience aspects of native Sonoran Mayo and Yaqui cultures. Read more.

US-Mexico Border Convergence

For the first year, the SOA Watch will be holding its annual protest convergence in Nogales and not at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. Events begin with a Friday night welcome celebration at the Nogales, Sonora Museum of Art, and continue through the weekend. Read more.

Show and Shine for Autism Car Show

On Saturday, take a stroll to Karam Park, where you can see vintage automobiles on display from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event is free, and will also feature food, drink and kids games, and a movie will be shown in the park. Karam Park is located one block north of the border on Morley Avenue in Nogales, Arizona. Read more.

So if you have been thinking about coming to visit Nogales, this should provide more reasons to get in the car and head down I-19 to the border. Have a great weekend!