Longer Lines at Border Due to Mexican Holidays


volkswagens in nogales independence day parade

September 16, 2016


As with most major Mexican holidays, you can expect longer wait times in line at pedestrian and vehicular border crossings in Nogales. This will especially be true today, as Mexicans get the day off from work to celebrate Mexican Independence Day and flood the border crossings to come to the United States for shopping and to visit relatives.

Also, many border businesses that typically cater to tourists will be closed for the fiestas.

If longer lines are not a deterrent, you may want to cross the border this morning to watch the annual Independence Day parade on Avenida Obregon near the border. It is one of the largest parades of the year, and a very festive and colorful event.

As always, be aware of your surroundings and stay in areas near the parade route in the border tourism areas. And enjoy your day in Nogales.