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When planning a trip to Mexico, in addition to preparing your Mexico travel documentation don’t forget that there are also documentation requirements for returning to the United States from Mexico.

Documentation Required for Entering Mexico Individuals

The type of tourist visitor document needed to visit Sonora depends on where you plan to go, and how long you plan to stay there.

FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) Tourist Card (commonly known as an FMT Visitor Visa)

If you plan to go more than 21 kilometers (about 13 miles) south of the border into Sonora, you will need to obtain a Mexico FMM Tourist Card. The card is free of charge for visits of up to seven days, and costs 500 pesos (check current exchange rates) for visits to Mexico for up to 180 days (six months).

The FMM form is simple and straightforward, and after completing it you must present it to a customs official along with your passport. If you plan to stay in Sonora for five days or fewer, the FMM is issued free of charge.

If you will be staying in Sonora for more than a week, and up to six months, the (the FMM is issued for up to six months) the customs officer will provide you with a document to take to the nearby Banjercito bank to pay for the visa (about $25). After that, the Customs official will stamp the visa.

Be sure to return the visa to a Customs office before you leave Mexico.

Getting your FMM Tourist Card Online

It is possible to apply and pay for your FMM card online. If you plan to visit Mexico for a week or less, fill out the information and print out the form. If you will be staying more than a week (up to six months), you can pay the 500 pesos for the form online.

Print out the online FMM form and present it to a Mexican customs official at the border or a 21 km customs station. The printed out FMM is not valid until it is stamped by a Mexican customs official.

Please note: The online form asks you to select one of three Nogales crossing stations – to date, these have not been defined, so select any one of the options.

Click here to get your FMM Tourist Card online.

Be sure to return the visa to a Customs office before you leave Mexico.


If you are bringing your personal vehicle into Sonora from the United States and do not plan to travel south of Guaymas or east of Mexico highway 15, you will not need a vehicle permit.

However, you must be the registered owner of the vehicle, and of any vehicles in tow. Be prepared to present the title to the vehicle and insurance forms at the border and at the 21km checkpoint.

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