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Plaza Monumental in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora

December 2016 Mexico Travel Warning

The cities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora are located on an international line that demarcates the southern U.S. border from the northern border of Mexico.

Because of this, Nogales is a common crossing point for Americans, Canadians and other southbound tourists to enter Mexico, both in vehicles and on foot.

Going south from Nogales you will find well-maintained highways that take traffic into the state of Sonora and to other destinations in Mexico. And within a short drive of the border lie charming Mexican pueblos like Magdalena de Kino, and beaches along the Sea of Cortez.

Farther south is the state capital of Hermosillo – a modern, bustling city with nearly 3 million residents.

Continuing south from the capital, you will find more beautiful beaches at Kino Bay and San Carlos, the rich agricultural Yaqui Valley region and the lovely colonial pueblo of Alamos, Sonora.

At that point you will have nearly reached the southern border of Sonora and its neighboring state of Sinaloa, where you can continue your journey to explore other marvelous Mexican tourist destinations.

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