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Dining options in Nogales, Arizona
nogales las vigas

Las Vigas Steak Ranch in Nogales, Arizona

For a small border town, Nogales has a variety of dining options, from fast food eateries and buffets to fine dining. The following lists restaurants in Nogales by the type of food and the area in Nogales where they are located: the Mariposa Road corridor, The Grand Avenue Corridor, The Walmart Area and Downtown (near the international border).

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Restaurants and Eateries in Nogales, Arizona

Type of FoodAreaRestaurantAddressTelephone
Asian FoodMariposa RoadDragon Restaurant272 W. Mariposa(520) 761-2833
Asian FoodMariposa RoadPanda Express402 W. Mariposa(520) 281-0988
Asian FoodWalmartChina Buffet251 W White Park(520) 761-4868
Bread and BakeryGrand AvenueDeli'€™s Bakery441 N. Grand(520) 287-4854
Bread and BakeryGrand AvenueFood City Bakery450 N. Grand Court Plaza(520) 287-4675
Bread and BakeryMariposa RoadSafeway Bakery465 W. Mariposa(520) 281-4929
Café / DeliGrand AvenueGariola Coffee & Deli3131 N. Grand(520) 761-1444
Café / DeliMariposa RoadStarbuck'sAdentro de Safeway(520) 481-4929
Café / DeliGrand AvenueCafé El Ramffles2981 N. Grand(520) 761-4452
Family RestaurantsGrand AvenueDenny’s683 N. Grand(520) 287-4572
Family RestaurantsGrand AvenuePappachoris'€™ Zulas982 N. Grand(520) 287-2892
Family RestaurantsMariposa RoadMr. C's Supper Club282 W. View Point(520) 281-9000
Family RestaurantsMariposa RoadIHOP1671 N Industrial Park(520) 377-0500
Fast FoodDowntownBurger King47 N. Sonoita Ave.(520) 287-5243
Fast FoodDowntownJack in the Box208 N. Grand Ave.(520) 287-5266
Fast FoodDowntownMcDonald's252 W. Crawford(520) 287-9248
Fast FoodDowntownSubway186 N. Grand Ave.(520) 287-9127
Fast FoodMariposa RoadCarl's Jr.800 W. Mariposa(520) 281-9699
Fast FoodMariposa RoadChuyito's Hot Dogs510 W. Mariposa(520) 761-9968
Fast FoodMariposa RoadJack in the Box383 W. Mariposa(520) 377-2974
Fast FoodMariposa RoadKentucky Fried Chicken347 W. Mariposa(520) 281-0741
Fast FoodMariposa RoadMcDonald's470 W. Mariposa(520) 761-3797
Fast FoodMariposa RoadSubwaySafeway Plaza(520) 281-0244
Fast FoodWalmartMcDonald'sInside Walmart(520) 377-0107
Mexican FoodDowntownKasa Mia460 N. Arroyo(520) 287-4040
Mexican FoodDowntownLas Vigas Steak Ranch180 W. Loma St.(520) 287-6641
Mexican FoodDowntownSoto'€™s Tacos41 N. Terrace(520) 397-1111
Mexican FoodGrand AvenueCocina La Ley226 W. 3rd(520) 287-4555
Mexican FoodGrand AvenueEl Zarape964 N. Grand(520) 287-3920
Mexican FoodGrand AvenueJardines de Mexico541 N. Grand(520) 397-9137
Mexican FoodGrand AvenueLa Cabana840 N. Grand(520) 287-3429
Mexican FoodGrand AvenueMariscos Chihuahua557 N. Grand(520) 287-2480
Mexican FoodGrand AvenueRancho Grande270 N Grand Court Plaza(520) 287-9613
Mexican FoodMariposa RoadExquisito Mexican Food165 W. Mariposa(520) 377-0622
PizzaGrand AvenuePizza Hut589 N. Grand(520) 287-9257
PizzaMariposa RoadLittle Caesar’s491 W. Mariposa(520) 281-0140
PizzaWalmartGorilla Pizza130 W. White Park Dr.(520) 761-1010
SaladsWalmartCity Salads120 W White Park(520) 281-9888
SeafoodGrand AvenueCocina La Ley226 W. 3rd(520) 287-4555
SeafoodGrand AvenueMariscos Chihuahua557 N. Grand(520) 287-2480
SteakDowntownLas Vigas Steak Ranch180 W. Loma St.(520) 287-6641