Nogales Arizona Walmart

The busiest store in Nogales, Arizona

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The Nogales, Arizona Walmart is located at 100 W. White Park Drive, on a hill just off of Grand Avenue, about a mile south of the Grand Avenue – Mariposa Road intersection.

This Walmart is one of the busiest in the country, as it is a main shopping destination for international visitors from south of the border. And inside the Nogales Walmart Supercenter you can also find a McDonald’s restaurant, a branch of the 1st Convenience Bank and a SmartStyle hair salon.

As do most Walmart stores, the Nogales Walmart allows overnight parking for RVs in their parking lot, so at times it is home to international travelers who are either preparing for a journey to Mexico, or resting after their return from a Mexican trip.

And just to the north of the Nogales Walmart parking lot you can have a meal at either extreme of the diet spectrum as you make a choice between City Salads (a salad restaurant) and Gorilla Pizza, a Mexican pizza franchise next door. Also, Walmart is just down the hill from one of the more popular Chinese buffets in Nogales, China Buffet.

 Nogales Walmart Supercenter
100 W. White Park Drive
Nogales, Arizona
(520) 281-4974 USA, LLC