Nogales Arizona Transportation

Getting to Nogales and around town
nogales arizona shuttles

A shuttle van waits for passengers on Terrace Avenue in Nogales, Arizona

If you don’t have a vehicle to get around in Nogales, don’t worry – there are plenty of local transportation options, from taxis and shuttles to rental cars. In addition to the transportation options listed, there is also a local bus service that shuttles people on retired school buses from the border to Walmart and the other main shopping areas. A one-way ride costs $1.50.

You may find that taxi service costs more than you may have expected. This is partly because the Nogales Police department levies an annual mandatory inspection fee of $500-per-taxi for every taxi vehicle that operates in Nogales, which is much more than taxi operators pay in other Arizona cities like Phoenix or Tucson. In addition to reducing the number of taxis available for service, this policy also raises rates to the consumer, as taxi operators have to pass it on to their fares.

Shuttle services provide rides to and from the border at Nogales, Arizona from Tucson, Phoenix and Douglas. It is possible to get a ride to a specific address in Tucson or Phoenix, but fares are assessed depending on zones. If you plan to travel frequently on the shuttle, ask the shuttle operator about frequent rider programs and discounts.

There is also bus service to Nogales, Arizona and into Mexico. The Mexican bus line Tufesa offers transportation to destinations south into Mexico and as far north as California and Las Vegas.

And the two rental car agencies in Nogales, Hertz and Enterprise Rent-a-car, will be glad to help you rent a car so you can tour the area at your own pace.

You can rent a car at Hertz to drive into Mexico, but Enterprise no longer rents cars for international travel. They will pick you up though, so you can  take a shuttle to Nogales and have them give you a ride from your hotel or wherever you are staying. Read more about Nogales rental cars.