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Tufesa buses in Nogales, Arizona. They recently moved their terminal one block south of this location.

Currently two bus lines have stations in Nogales, Arizona – Greyhound and Tufesa. Greyhound only offers domestic bus destinations, but you can board a Tufesa bus in Nogales and head south as far as Guadalajara, Mexico. Read more about traveling to Sonora.

The Nogales, Arizona Tufesa terminal is on North Arroyo (the western branch of Grand Avenue after it splits into two roads near the Nogales public library). The station is a few blocks north of the DeConcini Border Crossing, and a block south of the historic Nogales landmark Sacred Heart Church.


Nogales, Arizona Bus Services


82 N Terrace Ave
Nogales, AZ 85621
(800) 231-2222
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Tufesa Bus Lines
181 N. Arroyo
(520) 287-9977
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