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Information about Taking the Shuttle to and from Nogales
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Preparing to depart for Tucson from the Premier Shuttle station on Terrace Avenue in Nogales, Arizona.

There are several shuttle services in Nogales, Arizona, most of which operate in shuttle stations on Terrace Avenue near the DeConcini pedestrian border crossing.

The shuttles offer a clean, comfortable, inexpensive and safe means of transportation for getting back and forth from Tucson, and they also offer transportation to other destinations as far north as Phoenix and as far east as Douglas.

Shuttles from Nogales to Tucson will make one stop at the Border Patrol checkpoint just north of Tubac, where passengers will exit the vehicle and a Border Patrol officer will check their documentation before the shuttle resumes its trip.

Although many of the shuttles are fairly old, they are all inspected annually and are also routinely pulled over for vehicle inspections by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). One time I was on a northbound border shuttle that was inspected by DPS at the Border Patrol checkpoint.

As of the summer of 2017 the cost for a one-way, office-to-office trip between Nogales and Tucson is $12.00. The shuttle companies will sometimes offer fare specials, and some of them offer multi-ride discounts. For example, every fifth one-way trip on Saguaro Shuttle is free, and every 12th trip on Garcia’s Shuttles is free – but you first need to request a discount card and have it stamped or initialed before every ride.

The vans typically take about an hour to travel between their Nogales and Tucson offices. For an additional fee the shuttle can drop you off at your door, if you live within a few miles of the Tucson office. Be aware that while this is convenient for many, this service can also greatly extend the northbound route from one hour to two hours or more (trust me, I’ve been there) if there are many people who have requested the home drop-off option.

Also, in early 2016, as a cost-saving measure the City of Tucson began issuing shuttle vouchers to individuals convicted of misdemeanor offenses. They take the shuttles from Tucson to Nogales, where they will serve their sentence in the Santa Cruz County Jail.

Shuttles typically run from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Hours vary, so check with the individual shuttle services for their hours of operation.


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