Phoenix Shuttles with Service to Nogales

Getting to the Nogales border from Phoenix
nogales arizona shuttle service

Preparing to depart for Tucson from the Premier Shuttle station on Terrace Avenue in Nogales, Arizona.

Take a shuttle from Phoenix to the Nogales border, listings of Phoenix shuttle companies that provide transportation service to Nogales.

The shuttles offer a clean, comfortable, inexpensive and safe means of transportation from Phoenix to Tucson, and on to Nogales or Douglas, Arizona.

We recommend that you only take these shuttles during the day. Read about getting back to Phoenix from Nogales.


Phoenix Shuttles with Service to Nogales


Arison Shuttles – Phoenix
4450 W Thomas Road
Ste 104
Phoenix, AZ 85031
(623) 849-6209
(602) 272-0840

Shuttle Mexico
3317 W Van Buren Street
Phoenix, Arizona

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