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Information about dentistry in Nogales, Mexico

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There is a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions about receiving dental care south of the border. And that’s completely understandable – between claims by Nogales dentists that may seem to good to be true, and scare tactics by dental professionals and organizations north of the border who don’t want to lose their business, it’s hard to separate the fact from the fiction.

First, Mexican dentists are trained professionals. They have completed undergraduate study, followed by three years or more of training at an accredited university dental program, followed by certification by the Mexican Dental Association, Mexico’s equivalent to the American Dental Association (ADA). Those Nogales dentists who are listed as specialists in specific areas of dentistry like orthodontics or endodontics, have received additional specialized training in their specialty and have proven their expertise. And virtually all dentists receive ongoing training to learn new techniques in dental medicine, with many of them receiving that training in the United States.

Second, while there are some basic, “no-frills” dental offices in Nogales, Sonora, those that you will find featured on this site are modern, comfortable, professional offices that offer the latest dental equipment and are staffed by English-speaking professionals. Only purified water is used during procedures, and the dentists and their staffs follow rigid standards for hygiene and instrument sterilization.

Third, some of the most advanced dental technology and materials are available in Nogales, Sonora dental offices. Ranging from digital x-ray technology that greatly reduces the exposure time for dental x-rays, to advanced composites that have replaced dangerous materials like mercury that are found in dental amalgam fillings, you can find cutting edge dental technology in Nogales.

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