The Hilltop Gallery is a local non-profit art gallery that offers various exhibits throughout the year, free of charge (although donations are accepted). The gallery also provides weekly and summer art education classes for local students.

Aptly named, it is located at the top of a hill just north of downtown Nogales – 730 N. Hilltop Drive. When driving in Nogales on Grand Avenue towards the border, just before you reach the downtown area there is a sign on the right that indicates the street to turn onto for the gallery (if you’ve passed the library you’ve gone too far).

Take a right and follow the signs – after a couple more right turns and a climb up the hill, you will arrive at the hilltop, which also has a nice vista to see various areas of Nogales.

The Hilltop Gallery also has a small gift shop, with postcards and works of art from local artists for sale.

Click here to visit the Hilltop Gallery’s website.