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nogales dental advanced

nogales dental advanced

Nogales, Sonora is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a competent, well-trained dentist with modern facilities and equipment. And better yet, one who provides excellent dental services that cost a fraction of what they would pay north of the border.

While standing in line to cross the border from Sonora to Nogales, Arizona recently I chatted with a man who was visiting Nogales from Southern Arizona, a retired military veteran who lives in Tubac. He told me that he had just been to his dentist in Nogales for a post-surgery follow-up appointment, and had only good things to say about him – that he is very attentive to his patients’ needs, is very professional, speaks English, and works in a modern office in a new building with the latest equipment that many dentists north of the border do not have.

And since moving to Nogales and starting this website, I have met many fine dentists and witnessed an incredible smile restoration procedure by Dr. Victor Nuñez Pérez of Dental Advanced, near the border in Nogales. I was so favorably impressed that I wrote a story about it – to see pictures and read more, click here.

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Dental Clinics in the Nogales Border Tourism Districts


Arizona Dental

14 Pesqueira Plaza
+52 (631) 312-9218
US: (520) 285-9022

Dental Advanced

Avenida Obregon 147
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312-9126
US (520) 208-9900 / 9902
Visit their web page

Dental Arts Nogales

Calle Ruiz Cortines #59
Colonia Buenos Aires
+52 (631) 312-0400
US: (520) 313-7549

Dental Bliss

Calle Campillo 86
Suite A
+52 (631) 312-4055

Dental Laser

Calle Ignacio Pesqueira 26
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312-0056

Dental Tapia

Calle Campillo 86
Suite 302
+52 (631) 312-2824
US: (520) 270-7590

Imperio Dental

Dr. Gabriel Tardáguila
Calle Campillo 86-2
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312-0070

LaserTech MedSpa

Dr. Francisco Vazquez
Obregon 200
+52 (631) 313-23-06
US: (520) 481-4663

Smile Dental Center

Plaza Pesqueira 40
Suite C
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312-8746
US  (520) 223-4332, (520) 208-6001
US  (866) 680-1339 Toll Free

Young Dental

Avenida Ruiz Cortines 9
Colonia Centro
+52 (631) 312-8873

Nogales Dentistry Specialties

Nogales General Dentistry

La Roca el Balcon in Nogales, Mexico

The offices of Nogales Dental Advanced
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