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Due to skyrocketing healthcare costs, declining quality of care, and increasing number of Americans without health insurance coverage in recent years, medical tourism to places like Nogales, Sonora has increased dramatically.

Many patients find that they can find competent medical professionals with the latest equipment and years of experience and specialized training, often performed in the United States.  And all for a cost of 40 to 60 percent less than what doctors charge north of the border.

Clearly there are some types of medical services that you do not want to get in another country. But for general medical care, there are some excellent physicians in Nogales, Mexico who can provide services at much less than you would pay in Tucson, Phoenix or anywhere else north of the border.

Examples of this are: allergists, dermatologists, gynecologists, infertility specialists, optometrists, podiatrists and weight loss specialists.

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This should be titled “how I learned to manage my budget by getting excellent and inexpensive healthcare south of the border in Nogales, Mexico.” Look, I would not go to Nogales for major surgery, but there are several types of Nogales medical specialists that I would go to see – not only because they are medically competent, but because I simply cannot afford to see any of these medical specialists in Phoenix or Tucson Arizona, even with medical insurance. I am referring to Nogales allergists, Nogales Mexico dermatologists, Nogales Mexico gynecologists, Nogales Mexico infertility specialists, Nogales Mexico optometrists, Nogales Mexico podiatrists and Nogales Mexico weight loss specialists. Knowing that I can receive great Nogales Mexico medical services at a fraction of the price I would pay in Arizona – and Nogales is just a short drive from my home – really helps to calm my nerves and help me start saving for the future!