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Nogales Mexico abounds with discount pharmacies (farmacias) that offer a variety of prescription drugs at prices substantially lower than those in the United States.

The regulation of pharmaceuticals in Mexico is somewhat similar to that in the United States. There is a class of medicines, basically over-the-counter products like cold and allergy remedies, that you can purchase without a prescription. That class of “uncontrolled” medications also includes some for which you would need a prescription on this side of the border, but can purchase without a prescription in Mexico, like erectile dysfunction medications.

All other medications, from antibiotics to opiates, are controlled and will require a prescription from a federally registered Mexican physician for their purchase. Be aware that if that medication requires a prescription in the United States, that you will also need to have a U.S. prescription for the medicine to present to U.S. Customs when you cross back into the United States at Nogales.

There are also other restrictions regarding the purchase of pharmaceuticals in Mexico, such as the quantities you are allowed to bring across the border. You will not be allowed to bring more doses than your prescription allows, and the maximum is 90 days worth of medication. Bring more than that and you may be a candidate for a charge of possession with the intent to distribute.

Also, be aware that even though counterfeit medications are very rare in Mexico they do exist. Because of the tight government controls on “primera clase” pharmacies (those authorized to sell what are basically schedule II, III and IV drugs), you can have some certainty that the medication purchased there is authentic. If a guy in a curio shop or in front of a restaurant offers to sell you cheap medication though (I’m not making this up, both have happened to me), do not be surprised if it is counterfeit.

Also, if someone in a “segunda clase” pharmacy that is not authorized to sell most controlled drugs offers to sell you a controlled medication, you do not know what you will get. Stay clear of those “hole in the wall” drug vendors that are away from the established Nogales tourism districts (you will know them when you see them, and you shouldn’t be in those areas anyway!) and you should be fine – the larger and more established pharmacies have government oversight, established supply chains and are less likely to sell counterfeit products.

Before you go to Mexico to purchase prescription drugs, you should check the prices and availability, and get a hardcopy prescription from your doctor. We are in the onging process of compiling and providing that information for you. For starters, you can check Nogales discount pharmacy prices. And if you have any questions about a specific medication, please contact us.


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