Nogales Pharmacy Information

Discount pharmacies in Nogales, Mexico

Nogales Pharmacy Information

Thousands of tourists from north of the border visit Nogales, Mexico every year to purchase discount prescription medications. Knowing a few basic guidelines about purchasing medicine and bringing it back across the border can help to avoid problems and headaches.

Purchasing Medications in Nogales, Mexico

It used to be that you could buy many types of medication in Mexico over the counter, without a prescription. However, in 2010 the Mexican government revised its federal laws to prohibit the purchase of antibiotics and many other medicines without a doctor’s prescription.

These medications, considered “controlados” (controlled, similar to prescription medicine in the United States), must be purchased with a prescription written by a licensed Mexican doctor. There is no shortage of physicians in the Nogales border tourism areas, however, and many pharmacies have a physician on staff who can see patients and prescribe certain medications.

When you visit a Nogales Discount Pharmacy, do not plan to purchase large quantities of prescription drugs – although you might want to stockpile the medicines because of the great deal you got, it may appear to U.S. Customs agents that you may be purchasing for distribution rather than personal use, which is illegal.

Bringing Prescription Drugs Back Across the U.S. Border in Nogales 

When crossing the border back into the United States, you must declare all prescription medications that you purchased in Mexico, and make sure that the medications are in their original container. Do not lie to or otherwise attempt to deceive U.S. Customs agents by hiding drugs – doing so is a serious crime.

For medications that sold as prescription drugs in the U.S., you will need to have a prescription or a letter from your physician that states that you have been prescribed the medication for personal use. And again, do not attempt to bring large quantities of prescription drugs across the border.

Be aware that for Schedule IV drugs like Xanax and Tramadol, customs inspectors will pay particular attention to ensure that you are bringing them across the border with a valid prescription.

There are drugs that are not allowed into the U.S. under any circumstances, to include certain narcotic drugs,  tranquilizers like the “date-rape” drug Rohypnol, banned diet aids like Phen-Fen and anesthetics like GHB.

With respect to the personal importation of medication, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) inspectors are enforcing the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as codified in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The FDA is most concerned with prohibiting the entry of medication that has not been cleared for sale in the United States. There are exceptions, however, which will be the subject of a future post.

For more information about how CBP enforces the importation of drugs at the Mexican border, click here.

Nogales Discount Pharmacy Prices for Medications

Plaza Pesquiera, just across the border in Nogales
Nogales, Mexico sidewalk

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