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Nogales Pharmacy – Avenida Obregon

If you stop and buy all of your prescription medications at a Nogales discount pharmacy just across the border in Plaza Pesquiera, you may not have paid the best price for prescription drugs in Nogales, Mexico.

You may find that by just walking a couple of blocks farther to Avenida Obregon, you can get better pharmacy prices, in addition to seeing more interesting sights. Avenida Obregon in Nogales, Sonora is well known for its large number of curio shops that feature a variety of Mexican art treasures.

Of late though, Avenida Obregon has emerged as a central location for professional dental clinics and medical offices, as well as the home to several pharmacies. In addition, the city of Nogales, Sonora has recently completed several improvements to the street and sidewalks of Avenida Obregon, and to the lovely plazas that adjoin the avenue.

This makes Avenida Obregon not only an interesting and relaxing place to enjoy shopping or a leisurely stroll, but also to receive top-quality dental and medical services, and purchase discount prescription drugs from reputable pharmacies.

Pharmacies on Avenida Obregon

Avenida Obregón 258
+52 (631) 312-5633

Casa Saba
Avenida Obregon 209
+52 (631) 313-5440

Farmacia Medix
Avenida Obregon 185
+52 (631) 312-5137

Farmacias de Noroeste
Avenida Obregon 244
+52 (631) 312-9071

Farmacias BuenaVida
Avenida Obregon 137
+52 (631) 312-8220
From the U.S.: (520) 470-2798

Sonora’s Desert Pharmacy
Avenida Obregón 77
+52 (631) 312-1601


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