Nogales Pharmacy Locations

Discount pharmacies in Nogales, Mexico

Nogales Pharmacy Locations

If there is one thing that Nogales, Sonora has no shortage of, it is discount pharmacies. Fortunately, after walking across the border crossing into Nogales, Mexico, you will not have to walk far to find a source of cheap prescription medicines.

In fact, after passing through a group of taxistas who will all ask you if you need a taxi (if you are just looking for a pharmacy, you do not need a taxi) as you walk into the first shopping district, Plaza Pesquiera, the calls will become offers to step inside a local pharmacy along the plaza.

You may find what you are looking for at the right price at Plaza Pesquiera, but if you have some time to spend in Nogales, Mexico you may want to take a walk to see if you can find even better prices.

Nogales, Mexico Pharmacies on Plaza Pesquiera

Plaza Pesquiera is the first plaza you will encounter after walking through the pedestrian entry at the DeConcini border crossing. The plaza is flanked on two sides by border stores – most of them pharmacies, along with a few dentist offices. Along the walkway are park benches where you can sit, rest and get oriented. Click here to see a list of pharmacies on Plaza Pesquiera.

Nogales, Mexico Pharmacies on Calle Campillo

At the far end of the plaza is Calle Campillo, which is more known for its curios, dentist offices and other variety stores, however it also has some pharmacies as well. Click here to see a listing of pharmacies on Calle Campillo.

Nogales, Mexico Pharmacies on Avenida Obregon

After walking west for three short blocks on Calle Campillo, you will arrive at Avenida Obregon. This recently repaved and renovated shopping district offers a pleasant variety of stores, restaurants, dentist and doctors offices, and of course, pharmacies. Click here to see a list of pharmacies on Avenida Obregon.

Click here for more information about navigating Nogales, Mexico and to see a Google map of the Nogales, Mexico border area.

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Plaza Pesquiera in Nogales, Mexico

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