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So you are thinking about visiting a pharmacy in Nogales, Mexico to buy some prescription medication, but you are not sure whether the savings you get would be worth the trip. And it would help if you could check to see if the medication is available for sale at a Nogales pharmacy, and have a general idea of the Nogales pharmacy prices for the medications you want to purchase.

For that reason, we have started taking an informal Nogales pharmacy medication survey every month or two. We go to four pharmacies in Nogales, Sonora to check prices on some of the more popular medications that American visitors purchase. We visit a pharmacy in Plaza Pesquiera, on Calle Campillo and on Avenida Obregon to find out the availability and pricing for prescription drugs.

Before coming to Nogales to purchase medication, we recommend that you make some preparations to make your trip go more smoothly. Read more.

And remember, if you are still wondering about whether to go to Nogales, Mexico, there are a lot of other reasons than discount prescription medications to visit Nogales – professional dentists, curios, great Mexican food and other intercultural experiences.

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Nogales Discount Pharmacy Prescription Drug Medication Prices


Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement or endorsement for any particular medication. Prices are from random pharmacies and are for reference purposes only. See a physician before taking any prescription medication.

Viagra and Cialis Prices - August 2015

Nogales Price
Nogales Price
U.S. Approximate
Viagra100mg1 tablet194 pesos$14$40 per tablet
Viagra100mg4 tablets614 pesos$44$160
Viagra50mg1 tablet76 pesos$6$25
Viagra50mg4 tablets208 pesos$15$100
Cialis20mg1 tablet266 pesos$19$43
Cialis20mg4 tablets700 - 1000 pesos$50 - $75$172
Cialis20mg8 tablets1750 pesos$125$344
Cialis5mg14 tablets955 pesos$69$120
Cialis5mg28 tablets1788 pesos$128$235

Are you thinking about coming to Nogales Mexico to shop at a Discount Nogales pharmacy? Do some research first, to check Nogales discount pharmacy prices and availability for the medications you would like to purchase – depending on whether or not you have prescription pharmacy insurance coverage, you may find that the prices at Nogales discount pharmacies are not such a bargain. Or, you may find that the Nogales pharmacy prices make it more than worth the trip to the border. Check Nogales pharmacy prices on medications like Ampicillin, Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin, Arimadex, Atelenol, Bactrim, Celexa, Cipro, Clarinex, Deflazacort, Emugel, Fosomax, Gluconophage, Glucotrol, Hyzaar, Keflex, Lasix, Latisse, Levaquin, Lipitor, Prednisone, Prinivil, Retin A, Synthroid, Toprol XR, Ventolin Inhaler, Zithromax, Lisinopril, Diclofenaco, Omeprazol, Succinato de Sumatriptan, Metformine, Secadrycel, Amiodipino, Ibuprofeno, Levotieroxina, Fosamax, Aledronate, Estrogen, Fisasteride, Propecia, Zyrtec, Stilnox, Ambien and Diamono at Planet Nogales!