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Fun things to do in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

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The bustling Mexican border city of Nogales, Sonora is just across the border from Arizona, and offers a different world of tastes, experiences and products for you to explore and enjoy.

This international tourism destination offers the traditional reasons for tourists to visit – good food, comfortable bars, a pleasant outdoor shopping experience and a chance for a complete cultural immersion in Mexican life. And all in a well-policed border tourism district within walking distance of easily accessible border parking lots.

Always known for its abundance of curio shops and border pharmacies, in recent years Nogales, Sonora has also become very popular for tourists seeking quality dental services at discounted prices. Dentists have come from large Mexican cities to establish modern dental clinics and provide first-rate dental procedures for tourists from the United States, Canada and other countries.

Another popular reason to visit Nogales, Mexico is to purchase discount prescription medications. Many brand-name and generic equivalent medications are made in Mexico, and they are available at very affordable prices at Nogales border pharmacies.

Although most Americans will not know the city beyond the border tourism district, Nogales also has a vibrant cultural scene, with theatre, fiestas, art exhibits, ballet folklorico and other cultural delights to enjoy.

Best of all, Nogales, Mexico is directly accessible to Arizona visitors coming from Tucson and other destinations.

This means that you do not have to traverse the streets of the often controversial border town of Nogales, Arizona – interstate I-19 will take you directly to the border parking lots where you can do some duty-free shopping before walking across the border to border shopping, dentists, restaurants and other tourism areas. Read more about crossing the Mexican border in Nogales.

Or if you prefer not to drive, you can take an inexpensive, clean, safe and climate-controlled shuttle passenger van from Tucson to Nogales for a very reasonable price. By taking a shuttle to Nogales you can relax and enjoy the desert scenery on your ride to Nogales and back to Tucson. And when you arrive in Nogales, Arizona the shuttle will drop you off in the duty-free shopping area on the border, just steps away from the border crossing.

After a fun day in Nogales, Mexico you can walk back across the border with your tourist goods and stories, board the shuttle home or get into your car and get directly onto highway I-19 toward Tucson.

So make plans to come and visit Nogales, Mexico to see a dentist, purchase medications, do some shopping or just enjoy spending some time next to a cold, delicious margarita in the laid-back atmosphere of Mexico.

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Nogales Mexico travel and tourism. Come to the Arizona-Mexico border and take a short walk to another country, and another world – Planet Nogales! Tourism in Nogales is still alive and well, with fun, sun, margaritas and discount root canals, all in the same place! Enjoy the authentic Mexican cusine in Nogales, Mexico and then go for a stroll among curio shops and other interesting places to see. Dental tourism in Nogales is also a big tourist attraction here, as thousands of foreign visitors come to the Nogales Mexico Dental Tourism Districts to have a variety of dental procedures performed in modern Nogales dentist offices by qualified Nogales dental professionals at a fraction of the price you would pay north of the border. And while you are here, stop at one of Nogales’s local border bars to enjoy a cold beverage and enjoy the local ambience as you listen to a taka taka band play Mexican music. Visiting Nogales Mexico is an opportunity to go to another country that is just steps away from Arizona, and enjoy that Nogales cultural immersion in a fun, controlled environment. So visit Nogales today, and meet some new friends and perhaps find a new international romance!