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Perhaps one of the best values in Nogales, Mexico dentistry is orthodontics.

Orthodontists are specialists in straightening teeth and ensuring that their patients have an aligned bite, which is an important aspect of dental health. Having teeth that are not straight, or a bite that is not aligned (also known as malocclusion) not only are not attractive, but can end up causing health problems.

There are many experienced orthodontists in Nogales, Mexico, largely because there is great demand and orthodontics is very affordable. An incidental benefit of this is that Nogales orthodontists use the latest products and techniques, to include Invisalign technology and other modern products and techniques that are also used north of the border at a much higher cost.

Find a Nogales dentist that has training and experience in orthodontics by visiting the Nogales Dentists Directory.

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Orthodontists in the Nogales Border Tourism Area


Dra. Nereida Arroyo Renteria
Avenida Obregon 175
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312 3829

Dr. Alvaro Beltran Salcedo
Avenida Lopez Mateos 171-4
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312-5544

Dental Advanced
Avenida Alvaro Obregon147
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312-9126
US (520) 208-9900 / 9902
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Dental Arts Nogales
Calle Ruiz Cortines #59
Colonia Buenos Aires
+52 (631) 312-0400
US: (520) 313-7549

Dra. Maria de la Luz Dominguez C.
Avenida Obregon 130-105
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 312 1616

Dr. Jose Luis Lopez Saavedra
Calle Plutarco Elias Calles 1
Colonia Centro
+52 (631) 312 4033

Dr. Gabriel Medina Badilla
Avenida Alvaro Obregon 19
Colonia Centro
+52 (631) 312 4594

Ortho Arevalo
5-B PesquieraPlaza
+52 (631) 313-3202
US: (520) 841-6302

Ortodoncia Avanzada
Avenida Alvaro Obregon 72
Colonia Penaloza
+52 (631) 312-1314
US (520) 313-5999

Smile Dental Care
40 Pesquiera Plaza
+52 (631) 312-8746
US: (520) 223-4332 / 208-6001

Dr. Francisco Vazquez
LaserTech MedSpa
Avenida Obregon 200
Colonia Fundo Legal
+52 (631) 313-23-06
US: (520) 481-4663

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