Nogales Border News

Selected News from the Planet of Nogales
traffic lines at nogales deconcini border crossing

Nogales Border News

Some news items of interest from the border city of Nogales, Sonora and the border town of Nogales, Arizona.

Lots of things happen on the Nogales international border, from the massive border drug busts to local stories of interest on both sides of the border. And if you are thinking about making a visit to Nogales, you should review the latest information about what is happening in the area.

We don’t cover the information of interest only to citizens of the local community, our perspective will be broader and deeper – what are border trends, what are the potential implications of events that happen here, how does what happens in Nogales have an impact on other border areas and the two countries as a whole.

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Report of No More “Senior Line” at Nogales Border

February 4, 2017 UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this, we received reports that once again there are two lines at the turnstiles to enter the DeConcini Border Crossing; seniors to the right and everyone else to the left. After having previously reported that senior...

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