I’m not someone who is easily impressed, but I had an experience recently that just amazed me.

During a recent meeting with Dr. Victor Manuel Pérez Núñez, D.D.S. in Nogales, Sonora he noticed the gap between my colleague Patty’s front teeth. Frankly, it was hard not to notice it – Patty’s front teeth had been eroded into a large gap more than 20 years ago, after she developed diabetes during a pregnancy.


Dr. Perez told her that he could fix her front teeth, without anesthesia, in 45 minutes. Yeah, right. So we continued with the meeting, and awhile later Dr. Perez brought up the subject again.

Patty is a person who loves to laugh, but she was really self-conscious about her front teeth. She had been to a number of dentists over the years, but the options available were either too costly or she was told that she couldn’t undergo dental surgery until she brought her blood sugar under control.

We were skeptical, but Patty wanted to try it. And I wanted to continue with the meeting. Finally, Dr. Perez offered a very reasonable rate for the procedure.

It occurred to me that if he could do what he said, that the price would be secondary after the boost in self-esteem it would give Patty.

It also occurred to me that Dr. Perez sincerely wanted to help Patty to look better. She agreed to the procedure, known as dental bonding, and after our meeting I waited while the doctor performed the dental bonding.

Sure enough, 45 minutes later they emerged from the dentist’s office and Patty looked like a different person. It was incredible – the gap had been replaced by two perfectly formed teeth that matched the color of her other teeth.

If you had not seen her before the dental bonding, you would not believe that her front teeth had been rebuilt. I mean, it was really stunning – a real combination of modern dental materials, dentistry skill and artistry.

After the bonding procedure Patty felt fine, and we walked across the border and had lunch at Subway. And other than re-acquainting herself with the feeling of having front teeth, she felt no negative effects from the procedure. And it has really been a life-changing experience for her.

That is why I wrote this unsolicited testimonial.

I have since done some research into dental bonding. It basically involves applying a composite material that has the appearance of enamel to the surface of the tooth.

The cosmetic dentist then sculpts, colors and forms the material to do anything from repairing chips and cracks to rebuilding a tooth.

In addition to cosmetic applications, dental bonding is also used in the place of metal fillings. You can read more information about dental bonding on the Nogales Dentists DirectoryAbout Cosmetic Dentistry and WebMD websites.

And if you would like to contact Dr. Victor Manuel Perez Nunez:

His website

His office phone number (dialing from the U.S.) is: (520) 208-9900


Editor’s Note: Patty succumbed to her diabetes and passed away in January of 2014 at the age of 49. She was always a very upbeat person who loved to smile, and the restorative procedure changed her life and truly made her final years on earth more happy.