Non-Profit Effort to Connect with Border Photographers


Starting on April 11, 2016, two internationally renowned photographers will present a two-week photography workshop at the Nogales Museum of Art. This is a non-profit effort and will be presented free of charge to the people of Nogales who want to learn more about photography and start or develop their photography portfolio.

Photographers Adél Koleszár and Erin Lee live in Mexico City, and are visiting various cities on the border to engage people who may not otherwise have access to photography classes given by professional photographers.

At the workshop, they will provide instruction that includes an overview of photographic work and concepts, classroom instruction and field experience in photography, and personal consultation and analysis of photos.

The ultimate goal of the workshop will be to teach participants how to develop their own body of photographic work. Instructors will consult with the students as they work on their individual projects, to provide feedback and help students to plan and advance their photo series.

The students’ photos will be published in a book, and every participant who completes the course and submits a photo series will receive a copy of the book free of charge.

Adél is originally from Hungary, you can see her work at:

Erin is a native New Zealander, her website is:

To learn more about the project and make a contribution, visit their Project Campaign Page: