There are lots of reasons to seek dental care at the offices of a professional Nogales, Sonora dentist. Here are a few:

Professional Competence: Dentists in Mexico have completed undergraduate college training, followed by at least three years of professional dental school at an accredited university. In addition, Mexican dentists who specialize in a particular field of dentistry like cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery or orthodontics have completed additional training in their dental specialty. And all practicing dentists have demonstrated their professional competence in order to obtain and retain their professional dental license from the Mexican Dental Association.

Modern Facilities: You will find that many of the reputable dentists in Nogales, Sonora have modern, comfortable dental offices. Filtered water, comfortable offices and waiting rooms, and courteous, English-speaking staff make visiting the dentist in Nogales, Sonora a pleasant experience.

New Technology: Forget about those dangerous amalgam fillings or old-fashioned x-rays made on film, in Nogales Mexico dentists offices you will find the latest equipment, materials and techniques being utilized, from composite fillings that are safer than the potentially dangerous mercury-amalgam type of fillings that are still being used in the United States, and digital x-ray equipment that greatly reduces radiation exposure time for a safer x-ray experience.

The Price: And if you think these are great reasons to take a stroll across the border to visit a dentist in Nogales, Mexico, just wait until you find out how much less the Mexican dentists charge for modern dental services – depending on the procedure, dental services in Mexico will cost up to 70 percent less than what dentists charge north of the border.

So what are you waiting for? Do not live with dental pain or discomfort any longer, just because you think that you cannot afford to have tooth problems fixed. Dental problems can lead to serious general health problems, like heart disease, stroke and diabetes – call one of the Nogales, Mexico dentist offices today.