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Qué Pasa?


Meaning “what’s up?” in Spanish, this page is our official news feed. Here you will find details about local places of interest, images, events and whatever other information may be of interest to those who are considering a visit to Nogales.

Featured articles include information about the dental tourism industry in Nogales, Mexico and how you can find a competent Nogales dental professional, information about Nogales pharmacies and what you need to know if you are planning a trip to Nogales to buy medications, traveler safety warnings about visiting both sides of the border in Ambos Nogales, information about places of interest to visit on both sides of the border and other general news stories and opinion of interest to the Nogales traveler.

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September 17 Nogales Drug Busts Seize $236k in Drugs

Three Vehicular Drug Seizures at DeConcini and Mariposa September 17, 2016 Three vehicular drug seizures and subsequent arrests of three Mexican nationals on September 17 netted a total of more than $236,000 in methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana.  Two of the...

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Lots of Things to Do this Weekend in Nogales

Español Arts, Music, Culture, Classic Cars and Border Protests October 7, 2016 Now that the summer rains and heat have passed and the weather in Nogales is bien agradable (very comfortable), the season for fall events has begun. This weekend will be filled with...

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Roots and Traditions: 4th Magno Evento Mayo – Yaqui

Español 4th Annual Mayo-Yaqui Cultural Event October 7, 2016 The Indigenous Community Mayo Yaqui (COMAYA) will hold its fourth annual Great Event this weekend at Plaza Hidalgo in Nogales, Sonora. It is a marvelous opportunity to see and experience the culture,...

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Nogales, AZ Man Attempts to Smuggle Meth Across Border

More than 17 pounds of the drug valued at $52,000 September 16, 2016 On Friday, September 9, Nogales Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials located and seized packages of methamphetamine from a vehicle driven by a 36-year-old man from Nogales, Arizona. The...

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Nogales, Sonora firefighters on parade
Mexico side of the Nogales Morley pedestrian crossing